Bergen quiz for SDSU

this quiz was made to some American students based on a powerpoint presentation about Bergen (Norwegian city). It's kind of from a narrow point of view

If you know nothing about Bergen you should probably pass out on this one! If you now something, then you might find it worthwhile. If you still wanna try, you are of course welcome to do so

Created by: Andre Haaland
  1. What's the population of Bergen?
  2. Have many mountains are there around Bergen?
  3. What's the name of the tallest mountain?
  4. What is Bergen's best soccer team called?
  5. What are they selling at the market in the harbour?
  6. How many years did Brann go without winning the championship?
  7. What happened to the harbour in 1945?
  8. What is the yearly race in the Bergen mountains called?
  9. In the battle for being the biggest city in Norway, Bergen ranks as?
  10. Bergen was originally named?

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