Beatles Trivia Quiz!! Very detailed

There are lots of acclaimed Beatles fans but some of them THINK they are. However to learn the real definition of a Beatles fan TAKE my quiz! DO IT!!!

Are you REALLY a Beatles fan? Can you bestow this great title? Would John Paul Beige and Ringo be proud if you and your knowledge? ONE WAY T0 FIND OUT!

Created by: JohnLennonLover
  1. Did you ever see the Beatles perform live?
  2. John Lennon's mother?
  3. Paul McCartney's mother?
  4. How many wives did John have?
  5. Name the Beatles oldest to youngest
  6. Who was the Beatles original drummer?
  7. Original Lead Bass player?
  9. Best Beatle (No effect)
  10. What is a real John Lennon quote?

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