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This is a fairly basic math quiz. Answer the questions, and please at least attempt to think of the answer before you click it. Restraint. e.e Thank you.

Instructions: Read the question. Consider the answer thoroughly. When you have come up with your final solution, select it from the options beneath the question. HINT: If the answer you came up with isn't in the options listed, it's not the answer.

Created by: Shentra

  1. 2+2=
  2. 8-5=
  3. 20-20=
  4. 6+7=
  5. 2 > 7
  6. 9 > 0
  7. 9 > 13
  8. 10 < 34
  9. (If x=5) 2+3=x
  10. (If x=27) 9*3=x
  11. 8=4(2)
  12. 9=8(2)-5
  13. 100 divided by 20

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