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Well, the last few questions were because I needed 12, they don't affect your result at all. Anyway have fun with the quiz. Find out your alignment and stuff.

Also, if you don't like simplistic, generalized, short quizzes, don't bother taking this. If you do, well, it was your choice, I warned ya. So- to the quiz!

Created by: Kristian
  1. If you could have full freedom, or a just and perfect law, what would you choose?
  2. Selfless or selfish?
  3. Do you follow general principles? (Correct behavior)
  4. What best describes you from the following?
  5. What best describes you from the following?
  6. Are you willing to harm:
  7. This may not be accurate, I just made it simplistic. Situations vary in a person, generalization doesn't.
  8. These answers have no effect, but I need 13 questions... so just click randomly.
  9. Anyways
  10. thanks for taking my quiz and bye!

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