Aztec Environment

This quiz was created to test you on your knowledge of the Aztec environment. Hopefully you've learned how large of an impact the environment can have on societies across the globe.

How much do you know? You may want to take another look at the Aztec Environment and Agriculture section of the wiki before continuing on to the quiz! In just a few minutes we'll see how much you know!

Created by: chinampa of Highland Mexico: The Aztecs
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  1. The Aztec Empire was centered in:
  2. Mexico City's average temperature in July is:
  3. The flat, wooden digging stick used by the Aztecs was called:
  4. This irrigation technology consisted of small dams that brought rainy-season flash flood water onto agricultural fields:
  5. Chinampas are often referred to as:
  6. Many chinampa farmers lived:
  7. One of the Aztec's main crops were:
  8. These terraces were made of maguey plants:
  9. The two main volcanoes in the Valley of Mexico are:
  10. The climate of Highland Mexico can be described as:

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