Awkward, but Romantic Love part 7

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Part 7 of my amazing series (I hope it is!) Comments and Rates are always welcomed! LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAAAAAAA

This part, if i might add, seems to be one of my best! So tell me whatcha think, and yea, hope you like it! Please, continue onward, young grasshopper!

Created by: Lorren128

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  1. *Dream Mode* I was laying down in a bed. Whose bed? I dont know, and i really didnt care at the moment. It was so comfy, the sheets so warm. I stretched a little bit and turned over. There was someone laying next to me. I could tell it was a male. His back was to me. I put my hand on his back, and he rolled over. His mouth turned into a grin. "Good morning, cutie." A familiar voice said. "Ryan?" I asked. I looked up to his eyes. Yes, those were his eyes. But, isnt he gay? "Mmmhhhmm.." he mumbled, and i felt his hand go to my waist. "Whaa...but...arent..." I sat up, and looked at him. Something was off. I looked at the bed, they were red. SOAKED red, blood. I uncovered my body. I was covered in blood. MY blood. I started to panic and i looked over at Ryan. He was soaked in my blood. I looked into his eyes, screamed, and fainted....
  2. I woke up with a small gasp. Just a dream, it was all just a dream. He's gay, he likes GUYS, not me. I relaxed a bit more, and opened my eyes a bit. This isnt my room. Its all white. I looked down. I wasnt in my pjs. A gown? White sheets? I tried to move them, but i felt tugging on my arm. I looked over. Needles? What happened? I was hooked up to something. I heard a faint beeping noise in the background. Where am I? How did i get here? I started to take out the needles when a warm hand stopped me. "Whoa there angel, not so fast." That voice always sent shivers up my spine.
  3. "mmm...Carter?" i said, very faintly. My throat hurt. "Yes, I'm here. I will always be here." I smiled, and looked up at him. Those wonderful blue eyes smiled down at me. "What happened last night?" I stretched out my toes. "Last night? Angel, you've been out for a few days." My eyes widen, a few days? What DID happen? I didnt remember anything! "What? A few days? Carter..." He grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it. "What happened?" He smiled again, but more sadly. "Well, i dont really know myself. I woke up to a scream, and you called me telling me to help you. When i got to your room, you were on the floor, bleeding to death. When I asked you what happened you said that you got stabbed in a dream. I picked you up and drove you here..." He trailed off, searching my face for something. I blinked. Why dont i remember this? I looked down at my body still covered by the blanket. I gulped. I didnt want to see.
  4. I looked back up at his face. Those eyes, i could get lost in them forever. He smirked, and his dimples popped out. God, the things that boy could make me feel. I gave a small laugh and shook my head. "What?" He asked, smiling even bigger. I sighed and replied with "Nothing." He squeezed my hand even harder and looked down at my hand. "You honestly dont remember?" He asked quietly. I shook my head no. He looked back up and sighed. Just then the nurse came in. "Shoo! Visiting hours are OVER. Move, move, move!" She shooed Carter out. He smiled and gave a small wave and closed the door. I glanced over at the nurse. She was changed bandages and checking on stuff that i didnt care about. I looked out the window. It was dark outside. My life. What happened to it?
  5. The nurse left and I was alone. I looked up at the ceiling. I sighed and slammed my head against the pillow. "GAH!" I said out loud. Carter, Wyatt, even Jake. Those faces went through my head. The day Carter showed up. The day Jake was nice to me. The day Wyatt kissed me. And then theres the whole 'paranormal' thing. Carter, a werewolf? Wyatt, vampire? Jake? Was he anything? And Carter said i had a power, but no one knew what it was. And the PCA (paranormal capturing agency) what did they want with me? What about Mom and Dad, where are they in all of this? I havent talked to them since...well I cant remember! Everything went through my head, quicker then i care to admit. My head started aching and I groaned. Sometimes....i just want to give up.
  6. I closed my eyes, enjoying the darkness behind my lids. Complete silence, well besides that beeping noise. I let out a breath that i didnt know i was holding. Everything seemed still, kind of weird. I was looking at nothing behind my eyelids, when blue eyes appeared. Dimples, that jawline. I was looking at Carter. I heard his voice, but his lips werent moving. "my angel....hurt and in trouble...if only...i need" Thats all I heard, and understood. I opened my eyes. What happened? What was that? I didnt know i was tired until my eyes drifted shut and i was riding a unicorn....
  7. *Carter POV* I left the front entrance of the hospital. My angel, she's hurt and she in trouble. If only she knew what was really going on. I know whats going on. I need her to understand, I will protect her, even if its the last thing i do. I love her, now and forever. I felt a light sensation in my head, like someone was looking through my thoughts. I rubbed my temple and shook my head. Just another random mind reader. I'm too worn out to really care. I looked up at the window where Callista is at. The lights were out, and her heart beat was steady. She must be sleeping again. Good, she needs rest. I walked towards my car and opened the door. I started the car and put my hands on the steering wheel. What am I going to do? "Angel...." i sighed and headed back home.
  8. *Wyatt POV* I groaned. Pain, pain throughout my whole body. I shifted. The floor was freezing. I shuddered. I was cold and in pain. I put my hands on the ground. Stone, cold stone. I pushed myself up, and the pain increased. I fell back down. How am i still alive? I got up successfully and leaned against a wall. I took in my surroundings. 3 stone walls, one bar door. Jail? Where am I? I put my hand up to my heart. Dry blood. He must have missed. I closed my eyes and thought for a bit. I know where I am. PCA. Of course, it all makes sense now. Kitty! I shot my eyes open. My kitty! How could i forget about her?! Dear god, she better not be dead. I gritted my teeth. As much as I hate the mutt, Carter better not let her die in his car. Because if he did....I heard a door creak open. Footsteps came towards my cell. I stood up straight and waited for what came. "Well, well, well. Looks who is awake." I knew that voice. I smiled coldly. "Hello Ryan." A cold laugh echoed through the room....
  9. *Jake POV* I sat down on my bed. My love, Callista, what if shes dead? What if Ryan killed her? I put my hand through my hair. No, he wouldnt do that. He wants her, he wouldnt kill her. He needs her to accomplish the mission. I sighed. Shes hurt, and its all my fault. I should have warned her all those years ago. I could have, but back then I was a jerk. Yes, she has amazing looks, but her personality made me fall in love with her. Now Ryan wants her. I got up and punched the wall. It hurt like hell. I groaned and shook my hand. Stone wall, whats wrong with me? Getting like this about a girl. She's just some stupid girl. Some stupid, amazing, beautiful, brilliant girl. I shook my head again. NO jake, shes not yours. She Ryans...but if only she was mine. i sighed and sat down on my bed again. Her face was the last thing i thought of before i fell asleep.
  10. *Cristal POV* Callista hasnt been at school lately. She hasnt answered my phone calls and Carter has been brushing my off. Even Wyatt wasnt at his house, but i saw blood. I know something isnt right. Does Callista know? I sure hope not. I sense that she's in trouble, but Carter and Wyatt will protect her, right? I walked into my bedroom, and checked my phone again. No messages. My boss hasnt even called me yet. I cant really protect someone thats not here. I threw it on my bed. Hes so difficult to work with, but hey, he's over 300 years old, who could blame him? "Old-ass wizard." I huffed and sat down on my bed. My phone went off, and I looked at caller id. It was Stiles. I smiled, Stiles. I've had a crush on him forever. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, cutie, the boss wants ya." Stiles voice was like velvet cake, and he called me cutie! I blushed and giggled. "Ah, ok, i'll be there in a bit." "Cool, I'll meet you there." I heard a smile in his voice. "Bye." I hung up. I sighed in happiness and got up. I walked towards my door, looked around my room, smiled sadly, and walked out, knowing that I'm not coming back.

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