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This quiz is a personality quiz. There are lots out there, but we especially designed this one. We hope that you get what you wanted, but it is always hard to tell the truth!

You might have thought you were an actor! But what if you were really suited best for an office job? This quiz WON'T tell you, but what it will tell you is your personality type!

Created by: rtrgfghghnhbnhbn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have a pet?
  2. Do You Have Lots Of Friends?
  3. Do you like art?
  4. Are You A Gamer?
  5. Are you good at brainy things like crossword puzzles and sodoku puzzles?
  6. Do You Have An Expensive Car?
  7. Which power would you like the most?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Food?
  9. Do you have a cell-phone?
  10. What is your job?

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