Avocados or oranges

Avocado- a pear shaped fruit with a flesh that can made into an oil that is good for your skin. Orange-A beautiful, orange colored citrus fruit with an awesome name They are both equally awesome but frequently disliked. hard to peel and uncover. They are the original starfruit.

Are you an avocado? Are you an orange? Find out! You may think it has nothing to do with these magnificent fruits, but we use special technology from throughout the universe including the old and new lives of the author, to figure out what you would be if you were one of these magnificent fruits.

Created by: abby/bubblegumpunk012
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Tell the truth, what's your favorite kind of movie lately?
  2. Out of these songs, which do you like best
  3. What's your favorite elemental/Avatar: The Last Airbender power?
  4. The overrated question: What are your favorite colors?
  5. Cool or weird?
  6. What time period do you wish you were from?
  7. Favorite food?
  8. Do you like trends?
  9. How do you feel about Hilary duff?
  10. Are you random?

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