Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz

This test will tell you how much you know about Avatar: The Last Airbender. The difficulty of questions, on a scale of one to ten, would be about a five.

Are you an Avatar aficionado? Or a casual watcher? Perhaps you've just seen a few episodes here and there and want to assess your knowledge for the fun of it. No matter who you are, good luck !!

Created by: Fan of A:TLA

  1. Who cannot bend the elements?
  2. What is revealed during the winter solstice?
  3. Who calls himself "the Moon Slayer"?
  4. Team Avatar visits an island that is home to a group called
  5. Why did Aang return to Omashu after going to the north pole?
  6. Where is Wan Shi Tong's library?
  7. Before heading in Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation tried to invade the city using
  8. What nickname was given to Toph in book 3?
  9. Who is the "dragon of the West"?
  10. How many parts for "Sozin's Comet" have?

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