Ashii's news. :D

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Well just like my title this is Ashii's news. Lol. I hope you guys like this random little news. I was bored so I decided to do this thingy. Azy's listening to Moves like Jagger. :)

Please just read the first paragraph and then just read the news. Remember to rate and comment onthis and maybe read my series. I'm bored now so bye guys.

Created by: AZY

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm Azy but i'm called Ashii. I want to share some stuff with the world. Okay lets begin. "Well today's top news is that Azy might get a new charger on thursday, she's very happy ' I say smiling. In other news I just want to say that your guys are amazing creatures of the day.
  2. "I'm get informed that everyone seems to miss me but the question is why?' I ask. 'I'm not important at all' I added. "I want you guys to forget me, okay?'
  3. I'm still going to continue the series 'Our little Secret' To the people who read it and like it atleast. I now want to say some stuff about some people on (Here)
  4. Zane: Your such a cool guy and when I talk to you it feels like i'm talking with my best guy friend from elementary. Your like a brother to me. :)
  5. Pretender: Oh my god babe. I miss you so much. It makes me sad to know that your not online. I just want you to read this and I want to get a chance to tell you how much I love you. Muahh.
  6. Carrot(Hailey): I miss you too girl and I wish I ccould get more chances to talk to you without having to leave. Your a nice person who loves to help people with there feelings.
  7. Icy: Your like a sister to me that really acts like myself. Your like a second me but that would be so weird in many ways. Lol. Your funny and nice.
  8. Kora: I love you girl, your so damb nice and funny. Your personality is amazing and nice. I wish we could finish a soap, sorry for not finishing the other soaps. I had to go do stuff at my other house. *Huggles* :D
  9. Ana and Hephy: Your my momma just like hephy. I love you both to dead. You guys are funny and very good at soaping/roleplaying. I wish I could get a chance to soap with one of you guys one day. *Waves* Lol.
  10. Audree: Your a nice person who I love to talk to. If your ever feeling down you know I'm always there to help. :) I wish you could be my sister in the real world, it would be so fun and cool.
  11. Sammy: Your a very creative person and a good soaper. I'm sorry if I haven't been online to soap and atleast continue more of it. When I get back online for good I will make it up. Your nice and funny.
  12. Well I must go now. Please remember that I love everyone and I'm sorry if I didn't put you in here and please read the results. I think I have a question for you guys. I love you guys.

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