Ariana Grande Trivia!

If you love Ariana Grande and you want to see how much you adore and love her you should take this quiz. It will tell you if you really appreciate her and her amazingness.

Now if you think you will pass, press "start now" If you don't think you will pass... GET A LIFE ARIANA IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE AND YOU SHOULD HAVE HER MEMORIZED!!!!!!

Created by: Cat
  1. For starters, where is Ariana Grande from?
  2. What are her parents names?
  3. What are Ariana Grande's favorite colors?
  4. Who is her best friend?
  5. How did Ariana become famous?
  6. What are the four songs on her christmas e.p
  7. What songs on "Yours Truly" does Ariana have music videos for?
  8. How many Years older is Frankie then Ariana
  9. What is Arianas Middle name?
  10. Who is better then Ariana Grande?

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