How well do you know the perfect Ariana Grande?

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There are many Arianator's in the world, but only true ones! I am her biggest fan ever! I hope you love the perfect Ariana Grande! Because, she is perfect & beautiful!

Are YOU a true Arianator? Do you have the brainpower to know everything about the amazing Ariana Grande? Because, she is perfect, and you should love her, just the way she is!

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan
  1. Alright! let us get this thing started! What are her favorite colors?
  2. What are her favorite foods?
  3. What are Ari's favorite animals?
  4. Which two stores are Ari's favorite place to shop at?
  5. What is Ari's favorite ice-cream flavor?
  6. What is her favorite ice cream TOPPING?
  7. Which of the following would Ari wanna go on tour with?
  8. Which is Ari's favorite song that she sings?
  9. Which one of these female singers does Ari envy?
  10. What is Ari's favorite candy?
  11. Which one of these are Ari's favorite movie?
  12. Which is Ari's favorite song?
  13. When's Ari's birthday?
  14. Which is Ari's true trait?
  15. What is Ari's height?
  16. Who are Ari's two favorite in the Harry Potter series?
  17. Which one of these is Ari's quote?
  18. Which is Ari's favorite word?
  19. What is Ari's favorite restaurant?
  20. Where does Ari love to travel?
  21. Who is Ari's favorite superhero?
  22. What was Ari's favorite subject in school?
  23. What is Ari allergic too?
  24. Which is Ari's favorite sport?
  25. What is her natural hair color?
  26. What is Ari's favorite snacks?
  27. Which song ISN'T on her album: Yours Truly?
  28. What are Ari's three nicknames?
  29. What is Ari's middle name?
  30. What are her parent's names?
  31. What is her brother's name?
  32. What color are Ari's eyes?
  33. Who is Ari's favorite Disney Princess?
  34. What color was Ari's dress at the Nickelodeon awards?
  35. Is it true that Ari has an infection in her skull and lungs?
  36. Who is Ari dating?
  37. What is Ari's YouTube channel called?
  38. If Ari could marry one cartoon character, who would it be? D.D
  39. How old is Ari in May/June? (2014)
  40. What is Ari's favorite cereal?
  41. What is Ari's Star Sign?
  42. Is her brother a performer too?
  43. Where was Ari born?
  44. Does Ari love reading? And what's her favorite book?
  45. Why did Ari dye her hair red?
  46. What does Ari pretend her middle name is?
  47. Who is Ariana Grande's fashion icon?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the perfect Ariana Grande?