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This Quiz is to test your knowledge on Ariana grande and see how much of a big fan you are of her! if you answer all if the questions correctly you will be a big Arianator

If you want to test your knowledge on Ariana and see how much you know about her life and her songs then take this quiz and test your knowledge on her :)

Created by: Madison

  1. Who did Ariana date from 2012 to 2014 on and off?
  2. Who is her celebrity crush?
  3. What dog does Ariana feel most connected to?
  4. What song was supposed to be a solo for Ariana but ended up being a collab?
  5. What famous character is Ariana known for playing?
  6. Is Ariana a vegan true or false?
  7. What song was supposed to be in Ariana’s Album “My Everything” But it didn’t fit it so she made it a single?
  8. What animals live in a room in her house?
  9. What is her dads name?
  10. How tall is Ariana?

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