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  • I was 'Aprilmonth' who commented above (I switched my username, if that's what your wondering), and I did this quiz again without knowing I had already done it, and this time I scored 64%, so that shows I must at least be getting better, unless if I just picked different answers. But it's still encouraging. Now I'm 11 and have a new little sister who is 17 days old, and am going to have a new little couison next month, so I'm excited and getting better at it as I get closer to the age I can babysit and more little ones in the family are arriving. Bye-bye!

    Remember Joy
  • 53%- Not as well as I was hoping, but after all, I'm only 10.10 years old, so I still have some time to get even better at it. I have never REALLY babysat before, but I have helped out with my little couison and I have 5 little brothers and sisters, and one is still to be born, so I am vary used to them. I love little ones and would like to babysit, but no one has asked me and my mommy and daddy think I am still too young to babysit. I would if I could, though.

  • im not trying to sound like a b---- but i think that who ever made this should of let us answer in our own words because there is no way someone can answer these with the stupid responses they have

  • I got a 64%. Honestly, not to be a snob or anything but i think i should gotten a better score. i need the money for gymnastics and i ADORE little kids. so, yeah :)

  • i got 50% haha well thanks anyways it helped :)

  • 48% a good babysitter oh well

  • I like it

  • 58% yay!!

  • 70% WOO!

  • 86% YAYA


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