Are you what I call a Fool?!

Ever wonder what people think about you? this quiz wwill tell exactly what i think...i needed one hundred fifty character so i wasted it one this.....i gonna miss you people.

Are you a total fool?! a completly normal person?! this quiz will tell you what I think. i needed one-hundred fifty characters so i wasted it on this.

Created by: James bond

  1. Do you bounce/flop/jump around?
  2. Do you stay calm?
  3. Do you walk around answering the questions the person next to you are asking or RUN AROUND LIKE A MANIAC!!!!!
  4. Do you freak out when a dentist tells you that you won't have any teeth if you don't brush them tonight?
  5. Do you stay calm when a doctor jokes with you that you are mental?
  6. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  7. Last question!
  8. Ok now it's the last question. Did you freak out when I said last quiestion was the last question?
  9. fist question. we're starting all over again. Not
  10. Do you think you a Fool?!

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Quiz topic: Am I what I call a Fool?!