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  • I got 76% obsessed and at first I didnt want to like him and told myself that I couldnt like him but this did not work and I gave in to the feelings. I think its better this way. Thanks for the awesome quiz! By the way if you want to know who he is, look up Justin Herbert. He plays football for the Chargers, and hes super hot. This quiz is deadly accurate.

  • You are 60% obsessed with your celebrity crush!

    It's obvious you love your celebrity crush and spend lots of time thinking about them. You also have a little knowledge of their true personality.

  • 90% obsessed.
    Yep, that's about right.

  • 42%

    Gemini, It's an awesome quiz. Can I post it to my frnds? It's just awesome. You can meet us in the forums :)


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