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  • i got NIALL 90%...i guess thats not gud enough 4 me:(...but theres always a second chance

    1D ROXX Aug 10 '14, 8:53AM
  • I got 99% is that good. I love Niall so much I can't live without him, I met him in person and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    1Disthebest Apr 12 '14, 4:37AM
  • I love Nialler!!

    That1Dfulband Feb 20 '13, 5:19PM
  • great i luv nialler i got 99 is that good???

    cupcake34664443 Feb 6 '13, 8:35AM
  • 53% Heh, good.

    tenten16 Dec 27 '12, 11:53PM
  • 89%!! *dancing*

    Miss carrot Dec 27 '12, 7:33PM
  • 59%... I'm fine with Louis though :p

    Mustache lover Dec 26 '12, 11:25PM
  • i freaking luv nialler but i got 95% thts good right??

    Tasha Horan Dec 26 '12, 11:13PM
  • 57% thats stupid too high. cuz, i dont know who nial is.

    luvart7682 Dec 26 '12, 8:04PM
  • dude i just cut off my whole freaking comment :[ that's sucky

    gamemonster03 Dec 23 '12, 6:29PM

    gamemonster03 Dec 23 '12, 6:28PM

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