Are you sure you don't drink American Kool-Aid?

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A short time ago, I made a quiz testing what people really knew about the true extent of America's iniquities. On the other hand, I was not happy about it for plenty of reasons. For one, it was extremely under-polished in ways such as too few questions, sub-par spelling and grammar, etc.

Now however, I have created this follow-up quiz to address these issues. Whereas the previous quiz only covered the basics, this quiz is designed to make sure that your love of the truth is not some kind of bluff. Proceed with caution!

Created by: SomeGuy365
  1. Who is to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. Environmentalism...
  3. American women...
  4. Which country is the most hated one in the world?
  5. What if someone told you that America as we know it will cease to exist in 10-20 years?
  6. How many idiotic religionists does America have?
  7. Which country has had the most COVID-19 cases overall?
  8. Of the G5/G7 powers, America still cannot accept the (eons long evolution by natural selection) theory. Why is that so?
  9. Of the Five Eyes powers, which one saw a continuous fall in their democratic score since le olde times?
  10. Follow up to question three, what about womens' role in general?
  11. European theft of Aboriginal American land...
  12. Joe Biden is now America's 46th president...
  13. (Last question) European theft of African labor...

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Quiz topic: Am I sure you don't drink American Kool-Aid?