Are you super popular

Are you popular? Do you get noticed wherever you go?If you do good for you.If not then this quiz is soooo for you.If you want to be popular but you don't quite know why the popular kids don't like you then take this quiz to find out!

If you have gone on for so long wondering what group you fit in then this is also the quiz for you. If you have been hanging out with the popular kids but don't quite fit in then you should also take this quiz.

Created by: thandiwe ware

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  1. when you walk into a room does everyone grow silent
  2. do you have a entourage that follows you around school
  3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning
  4. are your clothes always in style
  5. are you invited to all the parties
  6. If someone starts a rumor about you what do you do
  7. what group at school do you usually hang out with
  8. what do you do on the weekends
  9. your boyfriend/girlfriend's group is
  10. what is your favorite reality show/game show

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Quiz topic: Am I super popular