Are you super cereal?

Many People think that ManBearPig isn't a problem, but they're wrong. Yes It's me Al Gore, and together we'll fight against ManBearPig. EXCELSIOR!!!!!

Oh before I forget, you have to take this quiz before you can join me. Just answer the questions and you will see if you are able to joint the forces against ManBearPig. I am super Cereal!

Created by: Al Gore

  1. Is ManBearPig real?
  2. Are you super cereal?
  3. Who is more important?
  4. EXCELSIOR!!!!
  5. A group of children is in a cave. You know that ManBearPig is in there. What do you do?
  6. What is ManBearPig
  7. Do you believe in ManBearPig?
  8. Will you be my friend on facebook?
  9. If someone doesn't answer my messages on facebook, is he ManBearPig?
  10. Was this Quiz super Cereal?

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Quiz topic: Am I super cereal?