Are you sprung!!!!

There are many people that think they are sprung over someone. But the truth is very few people actully are. Sprung is when you are doing things you wouldn't normally do for that person.

So are you sprung? Now, you can find out for once and for all if you truely are sprung over him/her. You will now be able to answer a qustion that many people wonder about in their relationships.

Created by: ktothettothejjjjj
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  1. Will you do things for him you would never normally do?
  2. Do you find yourself calling just to hear his voice and talk?
  3. Is he always on your mind?
  4. Do you have dreams about him/her?
  5. On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the most how much do you like him/her?
  6. Is he/she hot to you
  7. How often arew you guys on the phone with eachother?
  8. Does he/she put a smile on your face?
  9. Is there something about his/her smile that is perfect?
  10. Do you get lost in there beautiful eyes?
  11. Is he a good kisser?
  12. Is he/she nice to you
  13. Can you guys just joke around and have fun with eachother?
  14. Are you crazy for him/her?
  15. What is his/her best quality?
  16. What is his/her best body part
  17. Do you have his/her phone number memorized/
  18. Do you mind if they call and you happen to be asleep?
  19. do you guys text before you go to sleep and say night, love you, don't let the bed bugs bite?
  20. Are there any negitives about him/her?
  21. Do you think your in love?
  22. Do you day dream about what it would be like if you get married?
  23. Do you think about what your kids would look like if you had them?
  24. Does he/she like your favorite name for your feauture kids?
  25. Do you two share a lot in common?
  26. How long wre you two on the phone?
  27. Do you guys see eachother a lot?
  28. What is your favorite thing you can do on a date?
  29. Do you let him/her see you when you don't look your best, sick, tons of break outs on your face?
  30. Do you have their sweatshirt of jacket they let you wear when your cold?
  31. Do you have a favorite shirt that they wear?
  32. Does he/she compliment you on how you look that day?
  33. Do you compliment them?
  34. Does he sit with you at lunch or by you in class?
  35. Do people say you two are the cuteist couple?
  36. They say oposites attract are you two opposites?
  37. Does he/she tell you they love you?
  38. Do you tell him/her that you love them?
  39. Do you support anything they do and any choices they make
  40. What is the definition of love to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I sprung!!!!