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  • Let's see if you're spoiled! 43%

    You are only a little bit spoiled. You do like, 1 chore a week and you get to relax the rest. You buy yourself something new... every month. This is good, because everyone deserves a treat!

    i thought i am spoiled. today, i got an mp3 player from my dad, and he bought me a lot of things. DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL. lol!!! my mom would never get me so much things. i consider myself pretty spoiled, but i earn the things i get by my grades, and chores.

    x aka mrlq x
  • oh i got 15%...the only way i get money is by: collecting bottles and bring them to the bottle depot, babysitting, and begging. lol. the last one usally doesn't work. Just five more dollars and i can get that new fall out boy cd!!

  • yay! 0% i'm not spioled. but i don't get allowance.:(


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