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  • 52% Southern???
    I was born and raised in the Chicago area and all my family is from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota?

    blackhawks997 Jun 24 '15, 12:56PM
  • Southerner- well duh I live in Texas. i didn't even know I had an accent, but I've haven't been to the North... heeheehee I do say y'all

    artemisthegodess Nov 9 '14, 1:59PM
  • Am from the North and Hate it with a passisen. Mostly because all my Family in south. Am more southern in the heart than Accent wise.

    insanebassninja Mar 25 '14, 12:23AM
  • hey youse guys do you want a soda HAHA i hate the north

    Jake2468 Mar 23 '12, 12:21AM

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