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  • Your Result: Snob Alert

    You are such a snob!You only hang out with the coolest people. You turn nerds, geeks, dorks,etc. down COLD. It would be better to try to include everyone in your group of "cool kids." Try to be a little more nicer!

    Lol I'm totally not a snob in that sort of way that's like a b---- that's mean to people because they don't look like me like I'm just a b---- to people who think they're cool when they're actually like ugly and a loser oh and I hate boring people who don't like to party and super quiet people ugh and people who don't know how to dress

  • i got perfectly sweet and im serious that is soo true. everyone says im too sweet!!

    Too me
  • i got snob alert. that is so me and that is how i am


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