Are you smarter than this quiz?

Hi there, I am Erin. Anyhow this quiz isn't about me...It is about 'Are you smarter than this quiz,' I really hope you are. If you have anymore requests similar to this quiz leave it in the comments. The next paragraph is about the quiz.

Are you smart is the question on everybody's lips. Well we will find out. If you want to find out you just need to answer 13 questions and then I will give you the answer!

Created by: Erin
  1. OK, if you read the opening paragraphs (clue) you will know my name... What is it?
  2. Because the word Oct-means eight i.e, Octipus, Octigon. Why is October not the eighth month?
  3. For the previous question, how did you know?
  4. Is 7 a prime number?
  5. If I had a black card and you had a white card and we mixed them together what colour would we make?
  6. When I made my first quiz what month of the year was it?
  7. Is brond the same as ombre?
  8. If games didn't have loading bars.. Would the game load?
  9. These last 2 questions don't have an affect? (This one doesn't either)
  10. Will you rate?
  11. Will you comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than this quiz?