Are You Smarter Than A 1st Grader?

In 1st Grade, You Are Just Starting To Learn How To Read, Write And Understand English (Or Any Other Language). You Also Start To Learn Math. I Gotta Say, For Me, First Grade Was Really Easy.

But, Is It Easy For YOU? Are You Smarter Than A 1st Grader, Or Not? Today, You Will Be Answering 10 Questions To See If You Are Smarter Or Not. Are You Ready? Let's Begin! (BTW, I'm Sorry If The Low Results Says Something Mean Or Offensive, I'm Not Trying To Be Mean.)

Created by: Person
  1. 2+2
  2. What Sound Do Cat's Make?
  3. Daphne Has 6 Cupcakes. She Gives 2 To Her Friend Melanie. How Many Cupcakes Does Daphne Have Left?
  5. How Do You Spell Hayt (I Spelled It Wrong On Purpose)
  6. How Do You Spell Halow (Again, I Spelled It Wrong On Purpose)
  7. Damien Has 5 Toy Cars. His Cousin, Ben, Gives Him 2 Toy Cars. How Many Toy Cars Does Damien Have Now?
  8. Sammy Has No Cookies. How Many Does He Have?
  9. 4+1
  10. What Sound Does A Bird Make?
  11. Bye
  12. Which One Of These Is A Smile?

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Quiz topic: Am I Smarter Than A 1st Grader?