Are you smarter than a 1st grader?

You probably think you're smarter than a 1st grader, JUST because they're younger than you. Not the case. Many of these questions actually STUMP the average human being. Can YOU be outsmarted?

Are YOU smarter than a 1st grader? Or is your brain the equivalent to that of a 1st grader, or are you even DUMBER than a 1st grader? Take this quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Spectrum
  1. What is 32 take away 14?
  2. Who was the president before Obama
  3. What is a verb?
  4. Pick out the INCORRECT word!
  5. If I had 20 dollars, and spent 1 dollar on a candy bar, 4 dollars on a magazine, and 10 dollars on a pair of jeans, how much money would I have left?
  6. Which of the options are the biggest?
  7. Who led WWII?
  8. What year did the Titanic sink?
  9. Which of these is NOT a reptile?
  10. Which of these is a continent?
  11. What is the capital of Germany?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a 1st grader?