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  • im in 7th and i got 80% 2nd grader lmaooooo

    Laurenxp Sep 24 '16, 10:34PM
  • In 4th grade and got 70% wtf

    Soso89 Dec 13 '12, 7:51PM
  • i know why i got second grader. Cause i am a second grader. AND ALL MUST BEWARE!! IF YOU TELL ME I AM A JERK OR A GEEK I AM READY TO FIGHT!!!!!

    puppals1 Nov 7 '12, 4:57PM
  • 70% imma 6th grader?!? Hmmmmm :/

    samantha_jbg Oct 6 '12, 2:00PM
  • imma fifth grader and i only got 80%!!! this quiz sucks real bad im telling you!

    Emmersreturns Apr 18 '11, 10:31AM
  • I am a 6th grader! I only got 50%. How did that happen?

    HappyHaley11 Mar 16 '10, 12:18AM
  • 90%?

    gh2008 Mar 23 '08, 5:48PM
  • cool wuiz i guess but i think 1st grade knows more than that.

    jenni Mar 23 '08, 2:02PM
  • Most people understand I meant in our solar system, yes if I made it again I would add "Our Solar System" to the end, but first graders don't learn extrasolar planets yet. Good point, understood.

    Jay Mar 22 '08, 6:15PM
  • Question 7 is wrong, there are currently 8 planets in the solar system, 277 known extrasolar planets and presumably millions of countless undiscovered planets.

    Perhaps the question should be "How many planets are there in the Solar system?"

    punkmoogle Mar 22 '08, 1:46PM
  • You Got 70% On Your Final Exams!

    SECOND grade, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah- Musical Notes. Great job, I always knew you could do it!

    Puppy xo1 Mar 21 '08, 6:59PM

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