Are You Smart Thinker?

There are three main categories of brains. Dumb, regular, and super! How do you determine what kind of brain you have? Well guess what? Today is your lucky day!

Are you a true thinker? Do you go around obstacles, be aware of the consequences, and think creatively? Well, try out this test to find out the results!

Created by: Ethan
  1. This statement contains ________ vowels.
  2. This phrase has _________ vowels.
  3. I'm guessing that this awesome phrase has ________ adjectives, awesome!
  4. Every 5 years, a mom has 2 kids. But every 20 years, 3 kids are killed. How many kids will there be in 2272, if right now is 2012?
  5. You get $350 every 2 days. Every five days, you lose $500. How many days have gone by if you currently have $2250?
  6. This statement contains ___________ vowels.
  7. We are going on a field trip. There are 303 students that we have to put on the buses. If each bus holds 7 people at max, how many buses will we need?
  8. Joey, Harriet, & Larry are making classes at the convention center. Joey has classes every 35 minutes, Harriet has classes every 15 minutes, and Larry has classes every 20 minutes. How many times will all the classes start at the same time in 7 days, if the classes are consectutive?
  9. 30, 55, 85, 140, 225, a. What does a equal?
  10. 1 in 3 cards are red, 1 in 5 are blue, and 1 in 7 are black. How many black cards will there be if there are 294 total cards?
  11. 1,d,3,g,6,i,8... What comes next?

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