are you smart stupd or somewhere in between

Smart or stupd (or in between ya enough already!) your mom still loves you. well she pretends to at the very least so quit whining and take the quiz to find out haow dumb you really are

are you really so stupd that you dont realize this is spelled wrong geez i hate idiots like you you disgust me and make me want to barf and stuff. ok just take the quiz will ya?

Created by: EJ

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like homework.
  2. do you like football
  3. do you have any friends
  4. what is your favorite music
  5. what sports do you play
  6. do you like GH
  7. is your sister/brother annoying
  8. have you gotten this far only to realize that at the end you really dont get anything out of it?
  9. what is 2+2
  10. how do you greet your friends
  11. this is the last question
  12. what is your favorite game

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Quiz topic: Am I smart stupd or somewhere in between