Are You Smart… Really?

There are a lot of dumb people in the world, but very few very smart people out there. Are you one of them? If you are very smart, then you will probably ace this quiz!

Are you smart? Smart-ish? Are you a total idiot? Up until now you could only wonder? Find out what your smartness grade is right now by taking this quiz!

Created by: flyer586
  1. How does/did your report card usually look?
  2. Have you taken any honors/AP classed?
  3. Do you like school?
  4. Are you involved in extra curricular activities?
  5. What is Pi?
  6. What is a waxing gibbous?
  7. What is an MLA heading?
  8. Did you go to/ are you planning to go to college?
  9. How important is social status/popularity to you?
  10. How smart do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Am I Smart… Really?