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  • How can you all say you are super smart and make such mistakes in your comments?

    I do not want to hurt your feelings but a smart person isn't 'shocked' because he/she already knows he/she is smart.

    I am a 13 year old girl top in Mathematics, nice to meet you. And yeah, it said I am super brainy too. But not because I Google-Searched the answers or something.

    I am already studying for college and going for financial manager and higher. Those bragging rights also require hard work and effort you know?

    Anyway solid quiz. I am planning my own quizzes and practising on others. The accuracy of this one was...decent...

    Goo d job.

  • Um, Circe. I was 12 when I took my first college course. And financial manager? There was a mistake in a question. A simple one really. Considering you want to be a financial manager and all you really should have known this.

  • Your Result: Average

    You are fine for a fourteen year old. You shouldn't be getting any lower than a C in your exams, but hey, I'm not your teacher so what would I know???

    Woah. IF this quiz is RIGHT I'm shocked 'cause I'm only 11!

  • Your Result: Super Brainy

    Wow! Are you like Einstein's desendant or something? You are, like, SUPER SMART!!! I wish I could be like you... Oh Well, I'm content with my IQ. Sniff sniff.

    I'm only 13!

    elf maiden
  • Super Brainy. im only 12! :-D yay!!!!!!! im 1 of the smartest people in my school. i read. that's all.

    im reading at a college level and doing high school math. im just going into JH next year!

  • Im 12 and Im failing school I got 91% excuse me wtf

  • We learnt this stuff in 3rd grade. Too easy.

    • (Im somehow super brainy tought I cant even calculate simple stuff)


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