Are you smart or dumb?

Being smart i not something you are born with, you try and fail but you learn form you're mistakes and never gives up because there are a lot of possibilities out there for everyone who tries to be successful!

please never give up on your dreams ! hold on to them until you make them possible and your reality!The world may not be ready for you,but you have to be ready for the world!

Created by: sam
  1. what grades do you have in math?
  2. what would you do if someone got hurt and started bleeding?
  3. have you been told that you are smart?
  4. how old do people say that you seem like when you do something stupid?
  5. are you in any high school or college preparedness courses?
  6. do you're piers consider you a class clown?
  7. do you like school related activities?
  8. are you planning on going to college?
  9. you are considered, by most people to be??
  10. what would you do if you got a flat tire on the freeway?

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Quiz topic: Am I smart or dumb?