What is your IQ?

Are you smart, or dumb, or are you highly intelligent? Afterall dumb is a strong word you are just basically not smart lowly intelligent and should go back to school, but don't go back now make sure to see your potential in this quiz first ;)

Besides the people that should go back to school some very lucky blessed people who are lucky enough to be the smart and highly intelligent of the world can solve the hardest math equation the most complicated questions or algorithms. But the question stays at, are YOU smart and truly, What is YOUR IQ well you can only wonder can't you? Will now, thanks to this quiz all your questions will be answered to finally see your true, IQ!

Created by: Matthew Burgos
  1. What is the square route 81?
  2. What is the name of the most known theory for the start of the universe?
  3. What is 9x3x2-27-9x1-3-3-3=?
  4. What is a 90% angle called?
  5. When did Christopher Columbus Sale The Ocean Blue?
  6. Why was Facebook's logo colored blue?
  7. What is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of stone?
  8. About how many calories should you have a day?
  9. What does Obama talk about but not really do?
  10. How many characters does Twitter let you put in a single Tweet?
  11. What was the best selling Disney moving besides Frozen?

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Quiz topic: What is my IQ?