are you sleepy?

Are you sleepy? i am thats why i made this quiz to see if you are sleepy and making quizzes helps me fall to sleep! so take this quiz and see if your sleepy or not!

Are you sleepy? are you telling yourself to stay up for a show or homework? wel find out on this are you sleepy quiz*slowly falls to sleep then wakes up* anyway enjoy

Created by: fufe123

  1. are you hype right now?
  2. are you giggling alot?
  3. are you rubbing your eyes alot
  4. are you feeling weak
  5. do you feel like to sleep
  6. will you rate/comment
  7. are you talking to a friend
  8. are you waiting for a show or doing hoework
  9. are you ready to see what you got
  10. the end!

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Quiz topic: Am I sleepy?