Are you skinny,fat,or normal?

There are a lot of skinny people out there. But some others might think that they're fat or skinny or normal weight. What are you? Well this quis will tell you

Are YOU normal weight,skinny,or fat? Please take this accurate quiz and it'll tell you!!! It works on everybody no matter how old you are it will work!!!

Created by: Mrs.Styles

  1. How many times do you eat a day?
  2. Do you eat a lot of junk?
  3. Stand up. What do you see?
  4. How much does your stomach hang out?
  5. How old are you?
  6. How much do you weigh?
  7. What's your BMI?
  8. Do people call you fat? (No effect)
  9. Do you think you're fat, normal weight, or skinny?
  10. Are you fat or just strong?

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Quiz topic: Am I skinny,fat,or normal?