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  • Im fat? Lol Im in the 10th percentile in real life. My bodys weird, and when I ate burgers and ice cream for a week (after a surgery), I lost five pounds lol

  • Uh, I´m NOT overweight. In fact, I only gain weight like once a year because I´m still in middle school and I´m still growing.

  • Oh how nice, I'm skinny lol. Yeah, I knew I would get it, mainly cuz I'm underweight ( I think) like, my weight is 105, and for my age (16) and my height ( 5 foot 10) I think it's under. I'll have to calculate the bmi later xD

    • Ok, I checked. 15.1 was my BMI. I think it said 18.5 was the normal and anything above 25 is overweight. I might be wrong though ( I forget a lot lol)