Are you secretly a banana

Bananas are secretly invading the world. Are u one. Come find out. Cuz y not. lol deez questions might be weird. But it is a scientific study. It is totally very important to the human race car.

However you might end up being something else. Like weird and all. Some other things that are invading are rocks and there was some type of word- I forget. It was like hoy or hiccup. Something like that

Created by: UNB224

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Bob
  2. Fill in the blank: last night I got a free_____
  3. Do you ever feel like trees are your Dad
  4. Is this quiz weird
  5. Duck
  6. Do u like Unibunny224
  7. HA DAT ME
  8. Fav color
  9. Is it E I E I O?
  10. Last question did u like this

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Quiz topic: Am I secretly a banana