Are you Sailor Moon?

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Hi I want to see if your Usagi. If you are then sorry I'm the only Usagi. JK there can be so many Usagi's. So enjoy the quiz and your day..............

Hello everyone today people are here to audition for Sailor Moon. I hope your excited because I am. The anime fanatic girl is here. Leave a comment at the end of the quiz to tell me your results. Bye.

Created by: Emowoman
  1. Do you hate school.?
  2. Are you cute?
  3. Are you funny?
  4. Are you Usagi?
  5. Are you Rei?
  6. Are you Ami?
  7. Are you lazy?
  8. How is your test scores?
  9. Are you clumsy?
  10. Do you cry alot.

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Quiz topic: Am I Sailor Moon?

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