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  • I got mind. It's true though since I've kinda lacked emotion from time to time. It initially bothered me but now I'm used to it and never cry during the appropriate situation... sorry about that... I can be somewhat emotional at times though.

    Plus, I respect myself and don't like to give myself a bad image, so if I followed my heart I'd most likely be a mess right now. Logic for the win!

  • Your Result: Heart

    You are ruled by the passion in your heart. It shows you care deeply about things and that you are a passionate person. Just remember that acting on compassion alone isn't always a good idea.

    I think almost everybody follows their heart more than their mind.

    Puppy xo1
  • Your Result: Mind

    You are rued y your logical mind. You think before you act and use logic to find the answer to a problem. Just remember that even though you use logical thinking doesn't always mean you're right. Sometimes you just need to act on passion and instinct alone sometimes.

    Hmm Yeah guess thats true for me.

  • Heart,I do usually go by my heart sense it makes me feel happier and right at the time being even if it's not the right thing to really do I usually do it still. Cool quiz mate.

  • Yay!
    I got heart! =D

    I never think before I act, I just do it, and life is ALOT more fun that way, because you'll never know what'll happen next! =D

    I mean, using your mind is good sometimes, like for a math test, XD but using your heart is always the best for me. =]

  • 85% mind. I can't even bare to be emotional. My intuition sucks! Logic all the way.

  • wow fernando! now that is deep! i hope you didn't just copy that and paste! now that would be sad!:( why did you write it anyways?? i got heart? maybe you wrote or pasted it when you saw your answer! hmmmm?

  • i got heart, thankyou! i thought i was being ruled by my mind and first. sometimes i do things by my heart and sometimes i do things by my mind, so i had no idea!

    x aka mrlq x
  • i got heart? well idk really. my mind is stupid too. my heart uhh idk its dumb too. well great quiz though! xD

  • i got heart wich is true by the way if i was being ruled by my mind...let's just say it wouldn't be good...

  • i got heart! thats true becuz if i follew my mind... bad things would happen lol


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