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  • Your Result: Democrat

    You are a whiny little b----. You are so wrapped up in envy and narcissism that you are willing to take from others for your own personal gain. I mean, why make your own money when you can just feed off the rich like a nasty little parasite? You make me sick.

    Whoever wrote this quiz is stupid. You make ME sick.

    elle bee
  • I took the quiz again just to get the republican result and just as I thought, the person who created this quiz praised that result. Your judgemental and not very open can't even spell right. You have no respect for others. Get a life!!!

  • That was a nasty remark....I got democrat, and I'm proud of it!! Only thing is I have respect for others unlike the loser who created this quiz. Strongly opinionated and totally inacurate. Both thumbs down.....loser

  • I'm a libertarian and I know it! Both sides are right in some ways but they are both wrong in other ways. So I'm not on either side. I'm a Libertarian!

  • Stupid, racist, mean, and gay quiz.

  • Lol, this is exactly why I added that. When you get called whiny, you whine about it... XD

  • I got democrat. I took this quiz for fun... I AM NOT A WHINY B----! You don't have to be mean to me. I'M JUST A KID!!!!!!


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