Are you red or blue? :o

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Hallo my peeps! :D Today is a completely different quiz from what i wanted to do skskksdk but yeah lol this is a red and blue quiz ig lol. My mind is suuuuuper dirty bc of school and all that and the questions are bad but whatever xD. Sooooo i hope this quiz is good for ya, cuz yah. But remember, quizzes have nothing to do with your true personality. And stay hydrated, peace out and take the f---ing quiz cuz i have to do my school now ok >:( Anyways, see ya in the comments or whatever the heck life gives me time for lol now its time for JCS i believe so ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Created by: ItsYaboiiTrem
  1. Hello my friendos! Today another quiz goes by my brain, sooooo i made it lol
  2. Sooooo what's your fav number?
  3. What's your favorite element?
  4. Fruits or veggies?
  5. Alr i'm outta questions so ill just do this- What would you do if you saw someone crying loudly?
  6. Just got le best boost of questions :D Where would you go for vacation?
  7. Do you like making stories?
  8. How would you act if you were doing homework?
  9. Do you have a pet? And what is it?
  10. Spam (be careful this still has to deal with your percent uwu)
  11. sapm
  12. spam (this does nuthin lol)
  13. spam
  14. spam
  15. oke, boii! :D I spent a lot of time and effort on this quiz, so rating it and commenting will be appreciated :D also my bar is still orange soooo maybe a level up quiz tomorrow? xD no but anyways byeeee

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Quiz topic: Am I red or blue? :o