Are you really weird?

There are many strange people in the world. I for one am proud to say that i am one of THEM. the strange ones. the crazy phsycopthic people who are sometimez called retards. we are not retards. that is sad. we are just weird.

Do you think you are one of us? Or are you in between? Or are you miss prim and proper, too perfect to be wierd? Thanks to MY crazy whackyness, this wierd quiz was set up to see if you are just as crazy phsycopathic as you think you are!

Created by: Lenette

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you get told off for goofing around?
  2. Are you/were you naughty at school?
  3. Do you constasntly have music in your head instead of thoughts?( I-Pods don't count!)
  4. Do you fidget often?
  5. Are your friends always complaining that you are too.... random?
  6. Do your parents think you have add or adhd? (both are mental disabilities that mean you can't sit still)
  7. If you answeredyes to the previous question, have you been tested for either syndrome?
  8. Do you think you are: Crazy Phyco Strange?
  9. Do you go to a phsycyatrist about your mental state?
  10. Do you ride a bike

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Quiz topic: Am I really weird?