Are You Really, Truly Smart?

There a re lots of people who say they're smart. But are they really? Are they really THAT smart? A lot of them just say they are. But you can soon find out the truth.

Are YOU that smart? Do you have the facts to score high on the smart test? Well, answer these questions to find out if you are really a true smart person.

Created by: Snowwhisker
  1. How fast is the fastest cheetah?
  2. What South American Country is a dependency?
  3. You can get a pack of 14 apples for $10.00, or you can get 14 individual ones for $.65. Which is the better deal?
  4. What is half of 156?
  5. Which is the correct pronoun in the parenthesis? John went to see Kara and (he,him).
  6. 3/4n= 6 Solve for n
  7. The 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in......
  8. Solve: 67(78+88)-666= ?
  9. What Caribbean country recently had a devastating earthquake? (year: 2010)
  10. Jacob has 9 hats and 12 shirts. How many combinations can he make using one hat and one shirt for each combination?
  11. Which one out of these is a hyperbole?
  12. What is a "gaucho?"
  13. When is "the end of the world?"
  14. Tokyo is.....
  15. Is there a predicate nominative in the following sentence? For the class, Rex is making cupcakes.
  16. A volcano with sloped walls is called a......
  17. What is this star called: *?
  18. What is wrong with this sentence
  19. Cambodia is in.......
  20. Georgia is known for its........

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Quiz topic: Am I Really, Truly Smart?