are you really horse mad?

there are many smart people out there but not a lot of geniuses!! do you have what it takes to qualify in the horsey test? i bet you don't, but if you wanna prove me wrong then take this quiz to find out!!!

well um good luck on this quiz do good because i am rooting for you. its not really that hard unless you dont know a thing about horses so good luck to all of you!!!

Created by: fifi

  1. when mounting a horse always mount from what side?
  2. how many inches is one hand?
  3. what is the curry comb used for?
  4. what horses are used most for racing?
  5. when going over a jump what position do you go into?
  6. when doing a 3 day event what disciplines are you riding in?
  7. what is the thing when tacking up goes around the horses belly?(English tack)
  8. when riding a horse always remember to do what?
  9. when riding in a lesson what does ur instructor usually say to you all the time?
  10. when walking near a horse always remember to do what?

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Quiz topic: Am I really horse mad?