Are You Really Dumb

There are some dumb people on this face of this Earth? Do u know if u are smart or dumb. I would like u to take this quiz because it would make me happy.

Are u dumb? Are u smart? Click on this quiz. U will find out if u are really dumb or smart. There are 12 questions. Click the quiz. It's 100% true.

Created by: Charlesa

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  1. You're the pilot of an airplane. There are 159 people on the plane. The flight is headed to Chicago.What is the name of the pilot?
  2. You're are bout to have a fight. You're friend hates u. She wants to fight u so bad. What is the name of the person you are fighting?
  3. Do u think you're dumb?
  4. Do u think a friend or family member think u are dumb?
  5. What is 10x10?
  6. Would u suggesty this quiz to a friend?
  7. R u really dumb?
  8. Suppose u were Micheal Jackson? U take a girl on a date. Who is Michesl Jackson?
  9. What do u think. R u really dumb or Smart?
  10. Do u like this quiz?

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