Are you REALLY an otaku?

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meguca must fight. I am too lazy to write this freaking paragraph so I am going to copy and paste this. The title should speak for itself. thank you...

oh my geeh. I am too lazy to write this freaking paragraph so I am going to copy and paste this. The title should speak for itself. thank you.. so thank

Created by: burumargo
  1. First. Do you watch anime??
  2. Do you read manga?
  3. What is your favorite anime?
  4. What do you use to watch your anime?
  5. What comes to your mind when you hear the word, Incubator?
  6. "Japanese girls are so scary!"
  7. MEDUKA Wat is it coobie? becom maguca no meduka i becom meguca for kyusiko wont let u why i becom meguca? no what i wish for? please no meduka no dont listen to hameru we your friends meduka what i do i protect meduka and kyusiko thank seyiku but it okay mumi why my city now fight i protetc friends being meguca is suffering... why fight because it not can be help i donut understand meguca must fight i protect meduka seyiku us week. i need meduka night is coming.. why we fight? i will rescue seyiku i challenges u must not fight! DO NOT THROW SOULS what is happeneded??? meDUKA why this happen? being meguca is suffering... i zombie kyusiko mine why this listen seyiku.. seikyu lose it beCOM MEGUCA! meguca forbideneded! i still relevant? no i worried maybe i becom meguca no meduka meduka...rabu... seyiku!!!!!!11!!! now...i lost it. being meguca is suffering... seyiku!! seyiku lost it. why you say this seyiku why you know why. it okay meduka SOOL JIM TURN TO GREF SID must be way back I save seyiku nnnndRRrrRRfffhgrejh stap seyiku kyaku... meduka.... ... h-hello hameru is cool meduka is beuteh i becom meguca for meduka! help meduka! meduka.... RABU! being meguca is suffering... this the fate of meduka.. the fate of all meguca! i defeat brazil night meduka rabu hameru can win? no huehuehuehuehuehue DIE!!!!!!!!1111!! huahuahuahuahuahua why it okay hameru i know now must save megucas no coobie i becom meguka! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will... end suffer! HUEHUEHUEHhudfheasjdh meduka dont go it okay hameru.. rabu sool jim no longer turn to gref sid meduka meduka thats right meduka as i fighting she watch me so i prayings never to forgetted that being meguca was suffering.
  8. Do you like VOCALOID!?
  9. Soo.... bye.
  10. asd

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY an otaku?