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  • Alright: Being a Christian has absolutely nothing to do with what you don't do. For example, it doesn't matter if I drink 'till I die, or if I cuss out my family, or if I am racist. It has everything to do with if I have accepted Christ as my lord and Saviour, and telling people they will go to hell if they don't stop drinking certainly won't help. Everyone is going to hell, everyone. I am, you are. The ONLY difference between my salvation and anyone else's is that I have realized that I am going to hell, and that the ONLY way to avoid it is to accept the mercy and grace of God. Jesus, part of the Triune of God, came to Earth in the form of a baby so he could die. He took on human form, in all of it's hideousness, knowing he would be hung on a cross. He was NAILED to a plank of WOOD, and he suffocated for YOU! The ONLY reason I am going to heaven is that I accepted the fact that I NEEDED a saviour! I needed to be saved, because I can't do anything myself. So, in conclusion, no matter what you do in this life, only one thing can land you in heaven or hell. And that is accepting His love! Everyone who is reading this: You are loved. Ever hear how "God is Love?" That's because He loves you so much, He sent a part of Himself just to die! Of course, if you do accept Christ's free gift, you won't want to discriminate. You won't want to drink, or cuss. And everyday, little by little, you will be replaced by a perfect and holy love, and only when you realize you need to be replaced {And take steps toward being saved,} will you wind up in heaven.

    Thank you, and God bless.

  • Wow. Yeah the quiz wasn't very accurate. You can't be 'sent out of heaven' and you can't be 'one step from heaven.' There is a very definite line between heaven and hell. I believe you can reject God's love, but once the end of the world happens you just go where you go.

  • This is a bad quiz. Im sorry but its either Hevean or Hell. You can't simply be close to Hevean and tell why you are worthy. Or not go to heaven or hell. its not possible. A real christan would know that. God bless everyone. Even you. Just like DiverseCitizen said, everyone dosent deserve to go to Hevean. We all deserve to burn in Hell. But uf you ask God to be your Savior, and live for only Him, then you shsll go to Hevean. Also, give up your evil ways too. And you cant be in between either. You cant go to church, read the bible, and pray, but then dance to ungodly music and go to the club, drink a few shots, and party. You need to be on Gods side. God bless you and your famliy.

  • Why do none of you christians know how to spell anything?

  • ok let me give u some adivce being a christisan is totes important so i am a christian i stand up for god so either u go to heaven or hell


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