Are you ready for Contacts??

Have you ever wondered if you are ready to get contacts or glasses? This quiz will help you out by choosing one that you fit to. Contacts are never an easy decision, so choose carefully.

Glasses have always been the easier one, so choose that if you are a beginner. Also remember that this quiz is not completely true, so don't hold you life to it.

Created by: 12345678910111213

  1. Do you currently wear any of these?
  2. Do you feel comfortable with items near or in your eye?
  3. Do you have any skin allergies or have sensitive skin? (I read that this can cause irritation)
  4. Does anyone (your parents or siblings) have contacts??
  5. Have you tried contacts before??
  6. If you have tried contacts, did you like them??
  7. If you currently wear glasses, Do you like them?
  8. Do you wear eye makeup? *eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc.**
  9. Take off/out any of your vision objects (glasses or contacts) And click the UPPERCASE L
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz??

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for Contacts??