Are You Ready For a Cell Phone?

I hoped you liked this. This is a really good quiz. It will help you discover whether you truly deserve a cell phone

Created by: Amanda
  1. When you turn in your homework, is it turned in on time?
  2. Do you remember to do your chores?
  3. Do you always do your best in school and at home, no matter what?
  4. If someone asked you to care for their pet or water their plants, could they count on you to alawys remember to do it?
  5. Do you lose or break valuable things a lot?
  6. Do you get hooked on electronics easily?
  7. Do your parents, teachers, and friends agree that you are responsible?
  8. Do yo think you are responsible enough for a cell phone?
  9. Have you ever been given an enormous responsiblility and handled it successfully?
  10. If your parents set texting and talking rules, would you follow them no matter what?
  11. Are you trustworthy and honest?
  12. Can you or your parents afford it?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready For a Cell Phone?